Friday, November 02, 2007

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I'm interested in expanding my circle of persuasion, via exactly this: ad hoc, hedonistic exchange, as simulation. Jargon will settle the issue. No situation is inimical to this treatment. Let me put it this way... I am self as tendency; I am in-situ deviant, a twister. I keep open-minds about me as environment. I might be constant in some measurable way. I am, I know, infinitely learning. By means of adventure, being interested, and admittance, I am relating one activity to another; joining up the world. I have bagged certain absolutes along the way.

If you feel you want to meet, some requirements first: I politicise representations as well as the notion of representation itself. Acuity in this is possible, I feel; therefore I expect the same from you. I will only respond to persons willing to provide for themselves. (I'm not interested in accumulating rows of super id.) Some people might describe themselves as products of terminology. I understand this. As such, I am happy to support this and work to add to such cultures.

Message here first; then we can take it to Yahoo.



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