Sunday, November 25, 2007

item #4189

Gosh, hello again! How rude, you are! How tersely, one-removedly you return...oh master of the half-persued this that. Such oppositions you ply. Why insult, when one might do something more interesting? Still baiting your hook for waves of destruction? Of course, I realise that you did choose the stick over the carrot; so all else follows... Versions of dialectics. Versions only. Idiosyncing. But, hello again...this response to your response, tipping along the contour of my last unacknowledged mail of friendliness, regardless. I had that in my book of comic predictions, anyway. Why play? Well, one answer is: to opposed to 'fuck 'em'. The latter gets one where, precisely? What successful system espouses that? Has it worked for you? Are you happy? Are you in love? Anyway, I terse-return ... To your thoughts...Several simplistic oppositions, in a list...reminding one of 'did didn't did didn't'-type exchange. OK. I have several Killing Joke LPs, so I have room for some 6th form iconoclasm. Never liked Nirvana, though, so I only go so far. Sorry. How about raising the debate to the level of, say, Death Ambient? Or better still, Debord, Derrida ...something French. With that in mind, I tell you the piece circulated was A PIECE OF PROSE (my emphasis); one of a series. Because you came in inch-deep, you thought it was me making a statement. Did it's off-kilter illogic not raise a doubt? People itemise. They respond in-character; they get the drift. Will you tell me ...'ah, mine was such a response...and you DID NOT get me...? To that, I might say, '...ah this IS such a response, and I DID get you...'. You have always underestimated me. You feel wise to yourself, I know. Despite the inferred depth of your leanings, you only ever operated on the surface, via a series of novelties. I hope you have changed...and, moreover, deepened, less thinking you are mysterious. Have you? Your unadorned terseness suggests not. Still avoiding those tonal resolutions. I offered you the hand of friendship. All I ever felt from you was patronising stony ground, giggling instead of engaging, thinking it was a kind of badge of cooky wisdom. You reduce others in order to feel superior. It does not work, however. Arc at invective. Are you really up for surfing that wave? Or can this be rehabilitated?