Friday, December 28, 2007

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Hi. Engalia, 37, Bristol, UK LOL! Hello... Am I allowed an opening, emotional statement, that varies in intensity, from elemental id-irradiate to socio-sensory-rage? I think so...LOL I'm a trained psychologist who specializes in the study of 'Othering'. I formed my company, Bi-Phys-Bi-Logi-Co, in 2006, to chart the extant changes in all you Heartraters, Bloodpressurists, Hormoners, Adrenaliners, and Noradrenaliners. You are all external, causal; and I'm brooding about your personal problems. Damn! I trauma! I enrage! You're an event only, but you trigger angry feelings in me! Damn damn damn! Please note, though, that I might be instinctive and natural, but I'm way too expressive to respond to your adaptions. I don't respond to threats either. I prefer to inspire the powerful toward behaviors which allow us all (you included) to fight and defend ourselves when we are attacked. (A certain amount is necessary to our survival. Only social norms, and not common sense, place limits on how far this might take us.) Here's the thing... People aspire to variety - of course they do! But they tend to spiral down, as uniforms, into the dead-wood, unconscious of the processes around them. It is here that I and my company come in. We have three main approaches to filling in these gaps: (1) foiling (as Aggregate/Expressing), (2) suppressing (primarily of the suppressors) and (3) calming assertions of the seemingly possible. The latter is the most complex and difficult, and requires the most resources; but we have learned how to clarify without hurting. Others fail in this, we have found. We are more demanding than those others, yes; but we are similarly less converted, less redirected. This helps us to inhibit areas of so-called constructive behavior; whilst allowing outward expressions of inward causes. We count amongst our number thousands of Hypertensers, Pressurers, and Impressionists; all constantly and tirelessly inexpressing, increating, and problematising. Yes, we are pathological and confronting: a Them for 2008; head-on, personifying, perpetually cynical and hostile. People are constantly putting others down, criticizing everything, and making cynical comments. We have our deletions, too. But we have learned how to confer successful relationships from the calm down inside. This means not just controlling our outward behavior, but also controlling our internal responses. With this, all our low feelings subside.

These techniques work. Join us.

Best wishes.


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