Saturday, December 22, 2007

item #0070

Hi. I'm here for friends only, but who knows....

My central theme is that the auditory is opposed to the visual. Or do I misremember? This is possible, as I once sharply reduced anything ostensive, irrelevant, appended, with an inanimate, robot thumb. I am making exhaustive lists of these actions. I intend to post these as a final 'end-list' in due course.

My research suggests that findings strengthen widely-held assumptions. So, I'm aiding and adding to some mainstream. Or do I misremember, as I said? I'm not sure I'm truly free to say.

Surely, information decays; surely information is not durable. I model independent formalities in light of this... (as fe-cyber-Socrat\

There are, though, several conflicts within my research; and no experiment has thus far demonstrated substance without destructive implications. These get me hot, though.

Lately, I've been distracted. My presentations have been broken, perfunctory, over-combined, positional. I am myself the problem, I think - being myself contrary to the original aims of me, being encoded, post-recalling, hypothetical, mine.

I walk to work each day through a sea of faces, shitting myself.

Suz J