Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Hi Every1. Denny 39 mid Wales UK, seeking likeminds, others. i photograph strong women. My work is in magazines (ask.) and Amateur. as of 1998 i worked within the world of portraiture and beauty. I specialize in using very wide techniques though now I am equally at home with fashionwork. Attention to detail is important. which stems from my experience. Clients include most of my subjects as women. They are much more relaxed in front of a camera, and much more willing for me it seems. obviously as I’m a woman myself. so they can feel relaxed. and enjoy themselves in front of the camera. I do photograph men as well, though not as much. I’m very select about which men I would want to work with on a regular basis. each of them are very different. Many of my images have been used for books, published.


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