Saturday, January 19, 2008

item #0019

Fundamental to physicalists is the notion, elsewhere disputed, that identity is a linguistic construct. Strictly speaking, this has no convincing counterpart; all such offerings being byproducts of unreflexive interiority, or, at best, the nay-sayings of default proclaimers of otherwise. Here, all social accord is conspicuously mismanaged; whilst substance remains woefully under-examined, partial and always denuded. With greater precision in these matters, interchangeability could become a useful practical issue. That said, this is not a debate about orders of magnitude. Indeed, difference for its own sake is beyond us. It is, rather, a debate about technological capacities. Each of these consists of tiny infinities, where man is filament and inessential. Clearly, ideation is superfluous here, and the startling ordinariness of this state of affairs causes preternatural seismic repetition. We are left with no option but to magnify all apparent structures.


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