Saturday, August 23, 2008

item #7027

Miscellany, devotees etc. .... hello. Happy Duration Day! (31st August, pre-belate.) Dear spectres, I am something of a diffident oasis, as you know by now; insofar as I am ex-centric, becoming ever-mindful of all orientations as preferences to worship for false intimacy. 'If appropriate', you say; and I agree. But, can I counter, mildly, by saying that your individual limits range over me like implements of restraint? Oh yes, I await the unruly; as they become available to my appeal. But, perhaps your own eagerness to conclude is excessive? I neither welcome nor encourage those new to such end-gaming. Instead, I favour appointments devoid of versatility. I must be so obvious to you. Yes yes ... I can already hear you saying 'responsibility for effect'. Still, I insist, your scientism is too self-regarding to convincingly mock my welcome.

Speak soon.


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