Thursday, November 13, 2008

item #4931

Perhaps you are right. Perhaps I am just another participant in your enterprise without end. I do know that your schemes are making a definite resurgence. Last night, for instance, she went to bed early wondering at problems you have given to her. I admit I was stressed. But I could do nothing. I fell down a little. I sensed it. Yesterday, she was further disgruntled; saying I am wearing her out. What can I do, though? You don't give us any other choice but to weather the storm. For myself, I am about to document my experiences, store them somewhere, for those in the future to investigate. Maybe then someone can make a decision on the facts; maybe they will gather the momentum which appears beyond me. I am unable to properly question you; and that is my whole situation. Why bother with such signs when you yourself do not understand what they mean? Yet, you inflict your turmoil upon those you say you love most. I am tired of being compared to you, and to the thousands of people you associate with. I began as a delusional, yes; and you helped me through; and I was grateful. But now I feel I provide all your excuses, your additions, your reductions.

I'm planning things, though. People are not building materials, ok?

terry wrist


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