Thursday, December 25, 2008

item #0031

Jessy dearest, I understand the need for systems, of course. But your formalities play upon my own requirements for stark caution as a logical starting point. In flouting such things, you are cruelly levelling what is important to me. By applying such designs to my person, you are pushing me slowly inward. Despite our mistakes, methods like that are beneath us, I feel. I am injured already. Why compound this when you say you love me? I can offer you suitable occurrences, but you press too hard. If you are going to constrict me, please make sure your eyes are wide and I am softly-padded. Anything else is too narrow, too cutting, along margins I never agreed to. You know I was born twisted, wrapped in skin. It may not suit you, but I cannot bend my spine as you ask. I think you were raised into place, with your feet still on the ground. I simply cannot see any other significant possibility. Hen x


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