Sunday, December 14, 2008

item #1818

Dearest Rachel, Six years ago, I remember feeling you were impossible. I was so overwhelmed inside opposing directions in our relationship and I could not adapt, or try to understand, that I remember feeling that I was somehow very worthless, or empty. It has taken me to realise that I don't have everything in reality. I have limits both sometimes and often. There is a point to some space, some support, to find my feet again (a chance to find proverbially I was standing a lot steadier on my feet). I'm against calling this a starting point. So I won't. Although I know I will always try. Can you send that email you sent which I've lost about physical limitations? It's an example of the long periods where we just talked. Can you generally account for all mine? Perhaps I have you saturated. There's no real point yet. Perhaps the point is still ahead, or perhaps just slightly ahead. Remember I'm always here. James


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