Wednesday, December 03, 2008

item #0490

Julie please organise your decisions before you pass them my way. Sorry to repeat myself. But please disguise your discomfort - then go hide in the box. It's important. In my bedroom there's a delivery. That's four in a row darling. You can organise the next one! You talk another language. Agreed. But My own latest character trait is ability and I'm going to change a little more. Why be self-serving? I know too many examples as it is. A few years ago a school friend became a father for the first time. He sent pictures of his partner to me. I dislike that kind of generation, causing a scene. Julie do you remember his military comparisons? Such formulations. Sickening. At first I thought it was official, and he loved that. Errors in others. Now though I'm into something lifelong, quiet unexpectedly continuous. I get so nuclear. I'm driving home with all that going on. George x


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