Thursday, December 04, 2008

item #8402

To everyone who's messaged me since Saturday.

Sorry but I don't get all these categories and definitions. There are people I think I understand, then it all vanishes. Maybe I'm just faking what I don't want, even the anger? I don't like the idea of switching off, but I will if you keep urging me to. How the hell do I open all these emails? I'm one person. That covers everything. Like you, I make guesses about the ultimate, about the kinds of relationships I can't muster, and about the nature of that kind of mal-attraction. No, not science, you dummies! History! Why categorise further, is all I'm saying? Put your sharpened sticks away, you cretins. Your aggression just seems underdeveloped, anti-friendship. But then, as David, Mids (47) said I'm not into relationships, apparently, so what do I know?! Dear God.

Cathy, South West


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