Friday, January 02, 2009

item #2831

For the last time, what you define as obligatory I'm heralding as the start of a new resolve. Your excitement for difference disturbs me now as it always has. Stop chewing the fat, you fake. Your wish-list is full of topics which I'm neither interested in nor capable of responding to. What language are you using there, boy? I cannot tell. I'll gorge myself elsewhere, and without telling you. The numbers you sent have all been deleted. It's time to spit out the cud, and without ceremony. I read your page a few weeks back, and I saw the pics you posted. Your accounts fool no-one. My signature is on your meaningless piece of paper, yes; the byproduct of a ritualistic exchange, embarked upon before I realised what I was doing. From that, I formally withdraw, right here, right now, and forever. I cannot be any clearer. Didn't you predict any of this? It's unrealistic to snap your fingers and expect things to change. I'm no longer living in some unbelievable category, is what it all means, and I find it interesting that some invisible line has been crossed.

Would you like to say something before our arrangement ceases to exist and I block your messages and delete the last of your links? Everything comes after this. For the first time in years, I feel like this is a new beginning.

It's over.



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