Sunday, April 12, 2009

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To those reading this from the recent gathering I attended in that god-forsaken pigsty near Newcastle ... I have been factional lately, making lists, and taking sides for the sheer adrenaline rush of it. I'd been looking for a meaningless war of words and I found one right where I wanted it. What use are you? I fielded all your allegations of creditcard abuse and elected official bothering! Yes I was an organiser! Maybe I was the only organiser. I know I denied it, but that was all tactics. To the guy speaking about morals whilst having none himself - I've known you since the 1970's when you ran that grocery and I dreamed of being a member of parliament. I never got there, but I got nearest, as your shop folded and you lost everything. I sympathised outwardly but I was laughing behind my hand. You ended up cleaning offices - even getting sacked from that for stealing. I used your story in a book I managed to get published. I made a couple of thousand. Nothing special. But the best thing was making a prick of you in public. All your family read it. One of them even bought me a pint for humiliating you! Right now, in your new job, one of your closest colleagues is in my pocket, watching you and amassing evidence of your petty crimes. I aim to wait till before Christmas then have you dismissed. I think I can even have you prosecuted. If I can I will. I'll get paid for your head, and it'll add to my already ridiculous superannuation award! I learned about corruption and misuse of power from the same place you did. Only thing is I'm still getting away with it, while your scratching a living. All this is because you made a fool of me one time at a party when we were teenagers. I won't give up until you're completely fucked. 'Kenneth'


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