Monday, May 04, 2009

item #6633

dear my only one. a few months ago i had main issues with how i felt i wasn’t purposeful. so sore. so touching. contradictions. yes ok. but out of the question to feel any other way. if i don't mind then it doesn’t matter. surely? i can't bear the disagreements you might be thinking up. if i told you to stay away from the area would you? how am i really functioning? can you let me know. i'll cam you later. or skype? i'm all removed. just like you asked. i caved in. will that help? i can have sex. but let's be private or i might get trouble. what good is this? however, i define it to myself, i changed nothing significant. by my reckoning, you are incredibly pure. more than me and more than i thought when we met. it's all a lot closer now, as i feel i don’t get why you ravish me as often as you do. by definition, i'm endlessly available. i couldn’t think anything else. jason


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