Sunday, June 14, 2009

item #8724

For several days during my twenties I squatted down to meet him. I previously told others that he mustered no kind of genius, and certainly no honesty, but that he at least looked me straight in the eyes. I grew up fast. It was wonderful for the most part. For what felt like a thousand happy hours I took to his concept of bodies without form or variety, demonstrating on behalf of his wilfully faked tribe, as a method of connecting to the dissimilar. Divine. Utterly so. In time my face was covered with his locked metal flags. Greater and greater associations ensued. I was described as exciting. Descriptions became pleasurable. I had very little spiritual experience, but I became more and more open to a series of easy modifications. Blue murder. The following months were dominated by the collecting of people, taken in by puncturing. The next level beckoned, and I was truly excited. My only further hope is that I never stop thinking about you. Ms Travis


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