Thursday, June 04, 2009

item #7590

To 4evayours: Poor foolish darling, God has no 'mojo' - whatever that is! You use terminologies I neither understand nor care about. But this is not a call by me to be educated by you. My intentions are purely rhetorical; some fun at your expense. I was initially tempted simply to correct your innumerable spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. But, though the savagery of doing so appealled, the excersise would just take too long! I know the Internet is about open-access, democracy and all that guff, but you could at least try to write something legible. Anyway, just to say along the way, guys, after this tirade, I’m heading into hibernation. I've grown bored of this site, as, despite the wishes of its esteamed and well-meaning moderators, I see all the same things discussed day-after-day. I think perhaps I've been here too long, and maybe it is time to find another entertaining waste-of-time! So - bye bye, one and all. Back to my tirade ... Methinks, you're a bit, what used to be called, educationally-subnormal; easy meat, then - oh good! I don't even have to use, what you'd no doubt call, 'big words' to go fatally beyond your ken. I do love a low-input fuckwit on a boring Tuesday night. So, I suppose I should thank you! I won't do so, though ... This is all I'm prepared to do for you, 4evayours ... Come to me, my feral pig, of too-little-too-late; be re-added to the things I aim to curse. Be the hollow bitch on my shopping-list, and I will gladly impose upon you. Joanna


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