Saturday, August 08, 2009

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There's no point beating around the bush, I guess. What you can’t have you can't have. I came here with inflated expectations, believing the hype. But I've come down to earth now. So, a rewrite .... I am female, 37, a UK resident, not too fat, not too thin, pretty so I'm told. But that's a matter of opinion and not for me to say. I have some experience of the kind of relocations which seem everpopular here. But I'm not claiming any special knowledge of such things, and we can all learn more I think. So my position is academic. That said I am not interested in being understood or in anything predominantly true. Basically, I mean to adore. That's all I want. It follows that I have a special liking for intimacy and its examinations and modifications, permanent or otherwise. I suppose I can accommodate with enough notice, but I prefer to travel. I'm not interested in romance. Angel


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