Tuesday, December 15, 2009


1. Ether, the onset dementian,
Is envisible, as surface, is seismic as contention.

2. Ether is edible, for God's sake.
Is probablised; is slake.

3. Ether is already begotten,
Now re-worked as Lydon Be Rotten.

(My car lights full beam. 'Love me...'. Then, *, in front of me. I do things. Seconds later, I do more. Onwards and on. Recollection points me. I am sessional, in my non-crisis. About abilities, I say this... fit into stuff, be strewn across the bedroom, smile-boiled, and impersonal. Open your legs. Midnight sharp I will take you.)

Paradigm One: nothing garnered but small portfolios and and and discomfort. My Body: your body. I understand and I have not forgotten but I still don't know.


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