Monday, January 25, 2010

item #1117

'Complex' and 'contrarian' are you? If you hated what I said so much, why contact me? Surely you'd be better off messaging those whose views you agree with? We are unalike, and I see that as a relief, personally. I've read your ideas and I find many of them aberrant and dangerous. I am no nationalist; nor am I interested in the war you say you are fighting. You are internecine, in essence; but you do not know what that means. In contrast, I see justice in everything. My own industries are extreme, but I am open-minded and entirely non-judgemental, in terms of ideology and live-and-let-live. You are uninterested in and undemanding of my analytical traits, and you see my applications in that way as so much spirited hinterland. You see friends as food-stuff. Your irksome passion is trapping you. For my part, I seek to connect, or in some sense to yearn for contemplations which are simultaneously unstinting and naturally dynamic. Please note that I arrange my own life, and that commitment is the necessary ingredient of an over-arching emotional engagement with providence itself and the references it cedes to kindness and reciprocity. No, I do not have a wish-list. I am currently UK-based, but my search is not limited to that. Kenneth


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