Saturday, May 26, 2007

item #0016

I believe in destiny as a totality, an ideal. For me, rationalism flounders when intense mental connections are sought. All other activities evolve from this error, I believe. Ultimately, it's not about parting, it's about colliding. You can't lie forever. Sociability, sensibility and direct-experience are beneath consideration, in actual fact. Such things are ultimately unfulfilling and insincere. I am confident of these assertions. I am sensitive and intelligent. I have a fulfilling career and outside interests. I love simplicity, reductivism. I am looking for a genuine, attractive, intelligent and open-minded partner. I enjoy intimacy as a fashion-statement only. I will carry you under my bony arm, like an ornamental dog. The senses tell us nothing we need to know. I require a parallel life to test my ideas. I am attached and you should be comfortable with this if you contact me. For me, this is about enhancements, mock-exploration and caricatures of enlightenment. I don't do cam, but you must. Ok?


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