Thursday, May 17, 2007

item #3399

Hello, I'm a fairly normal person...! Don't be surprised, there are some out there.. I'm looking for the sort of person who is interested in what I am doing & is happy to listen to and support me. I seek 24/7/365. I enjoy activites & interests. I'm looking for a someone that wants to fold space. Togethering enjoys share-life. I'm also a person, shout & scream type. I'm emotional / psychological type. Make no mistake, I am very level in a warm, friendly, caring, passionate, hoping interest way. You need to be in. I'm unavailable otherwise. Minds interest me. I'm finding new things in the London area, but can re-locate if that is the way things work out. I am self-employed. I look forward to hearing from you so soon. Jo-Anne.x