Tuesday, June 05, 2007

item #0002

I am first, so utterly early, about a year or so. I learn. I specify. I am idle-compulsive. I have disorders medium and various. I love them all. They love me. I have certain rituals. I must compete, certainly. Different situations prompt different examples. I muster ways-out, table-turn, ordinate. Order only causes high stress situations. I am able to ritualise over and over and over and over. When someone does something I REALLY don't like, I confect small, destructive rituals that finish them off in seconds. I cause accidents. Often, I shake hard, but only from laughing. I pass out; I throw-up; laughing laughing laughing. Anxiety is present only in nano-amounts and at the back of my mind. I jitter as I giggle; gitter as I jiggle. I find concentrating gives me a labia-bendy-hard-on. Uncomfortable situations set me free. When asked to panic, I panic. My problem is I have ideas. If I fear anything it is my imagination imagining the imaginal imaginally, on and on and on on on. I have issues with things, random things, and I tend to problematise.

I feel stressed right now. I am jittering my skin off.

Sticks and stones break my bones.


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