Friday, June 08, 2007

item #3355

Tractatus, 36, Mids, professional, seeks like-minds for no strings housework, tpe, outdoor travel, etc. Who am I? Well, that's mostly a side-issue - as I'm the only person who knows what I am. I've been into this idea for quite a number of years, but moving around it has been rather an interruption. Hopefully I can rectify that dosage. In real life, I'm political; privately constructing my plans and venting. Some would describe me as missing the point. I'd be inclined to say I'm ego-eccentric, ergo-eccentric, erg-eccentric. What do I like? ... Well, axe-play; teabagging; lingering; and, most of all, having someone on my end, forbidding, speaking real humane, huffing and costing. There's plenty I haven't tried; probably even things I haven't heard of. Go on, tell me what you think, tell me what I dislike. What am I looking for? Those who understand difference to be vulgar. That, or people with little experience of enjoyment. I like to find out what gets people going and advance. Preferably, I'm looking for someone close to my age, or thereabouts.


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