Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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To Kevin

Shit between us now. One moment, opium in your heart, the next, Devils open me up, all lead-centred, arms outstretched. What's left? Holding someone is too cruel. Why suffer? Condescension, peering back at myself, webs weaved... Never stops. Soon, I will be somewhere else; in a hard, cold heaven, loose and fantastic. You once described me as soul-mate. (Yes, love, you did.) Your were my partner and friend - loving, sensual. Now I am blood-letting - amongst other things. I have varied, I know; blowing and glowing hot and cold. Inexperience is a disability. Near-similarity just doesn't cut the mustard. So goodbye....

So I look elsewhere...

You must have good sense. You must be secure. I am no doormat. Life gets in the way. I can remember that now, and look for someone who knows that too. If you have malintent, then please don't reply. As revenge, I do, and will not give this up. Sorry. My likes? Well, I love to drink whatever! I like stray DVD. I love anything spiritual: vampires, the Japanese... I am beautiful, my friends. Good looks travel. I love the smell of cats, hot baths, the smell of cats cooking on warm beds. (I can't help it!) Dita Von Teese (Fancy her), CHOCOLATE!, flowers, excellent company.... and I suppose life really! My hates and dislikes? Spiders and people that don't listen, brash people driven by money, mourning politicians, old weather, men who think the phrase 'it's your turn to cook means a takeaway! mental or wise sport (though I dabble), drunk-drivers in cars, new comers who believe they know everything, the colour of egg, emails that start with 'Hello sexy' and 'tell me about yourself'. I am looking for a long term relationship, please. I would describe myself as loving cuddles and hugs as much as I love distance.

Message me anytime.


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