Monday, July 30, 2007

item #0051

Harry, 39, Gloucester, something of a newbie. Basically, I am looking for rightness and completion - a certain interdependent mock willingness, something seemingly devotional, default existential. I'm a simple man. Pleasure equals amusement, in my view. Similarly, I think well-being is a kind of fruitless ideology. Between these two estimations, I am seeking full-on, long-term, bonded honesty - a scheme, a lifestyle; characterised by trust like no other; trust as contract, in fact, and with penalties. Where I live, this is rare and getting more so by the moment. Everything is slipping. I've made it my mission to roll this back - albeit only by a factor of one, of course, with my own example. Who is real, I ask? This question is not a fantasy to me. I would be more than happy to have it answered. I seem serious, I realise. Yet, all other parts of my life are lived on a casual basis. I enjoy nature. It whets appetites in me. To my mind, this enjoyment includes cooking, cleaning, running errands, anticipating needs, and doing whatever is required to make love easier. Such things feel natural to me. They have their seasons. Can you empathise? My purpose here is to liberate the mundane itself. I'm attuned to liberation as a determination. Can you understand me? Can I say that about myself? Also, whims arouse my senses and relax my mind. For instance, knowledge of Being provides the ability to impeccably maintain my body. Yes, mentation is natural to me, too. (Descartes was in error, in my view. Mind is body. I've crossed him off my list because of his mistakes.) Physically, I'm tall, with brown eyes; and my eyesight is like cctv. I miss nothing. I am addicted to surveillance. I am confident that it works. I have presence, and will remain long after others have left. Believe that if nothing else.

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