Monday, July 30, 2007

item #1405

Nature educates. Intelligence of this kind loves life, and is healthy, positive and good in and of itself. Natural work creates natural order. Non-subscribers fade to man-made grey. I'm naturally lower these days; but available to seek perfect natural relationships. I mediate relocatability. I do this because I was taught to bend.

Hello. I am Sofe, female, 61, living in northern France. I have no ties. As long as I can remember this, I remain. With some experience, I can remain in other locations, I feel. So, I am flexing.

Because of this, I am available as a blank canvas. I am somewhat ape-shaped. I scratch at surfaces. I am someone specific. Confidence comes with comforting who I am.

I'm eager to find that special person. No hidden agendas.

My requirements are simple; though not unimportant. I have wasted so many years following the world. The disappointment creates immovable responses. Too many dreams spoil hope.

Please talk to me. I will surprise you.