Thursday, July 19, 2007

item #7803

I am no longer. Any new messages will form a super-strung retardian simpletonia. lol Am I answering messages which are addressed I me I? No. Never. lol I am thinking carefully and honestly before sending anything intentionally concise and individuated. I do this because there is no such thing as an intrinsically intelligible message. True, with your earlier utterances, you regained my freedom for me; flexing missiles, pinching bullets into foreheads and thighs, like America does. There was, though, a routine aftermath - with its dislocations, its anonymity, its tertiary laws and indices of law. Ka-boom, you said. You did expand my imagination, yes. I stood precogging most often, yes yes. I have a wish to go back, yes. I destroyed the meat map, however, with vegetation ennui, in spades. I'm looking for another way of return; but there can be none, as we know. It is impossible to switch on a semi regular basis. Please Do Not contact me, therefore. I am not interested - because I cannot be interested. I cannot be - I cannot. In a few stolen hours, something ur-tactile took place... I love to play the ur, as you know. For this, I use a camera with a lot of energy, which has been pre-prepared for sexperiment. Your precise opinion on this issue may be tattooed on my tongue, but no matter.... I'm falling upon the lap of god, right now.