Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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dear alison

last night i thought you would entertain me more. as ever you seemed achemical, between work, but nonetheless modern, political. so i was really hoping. in our brief dialogue i offered you a curious scene, played out in a world which doesn't like americans. remember? bet you don't. before bed i never really listen. so i am supposing you might be the same. so i'll remind you. we're not close friends. you know that. last night though i increased you in my options. i rather like decreasing them. but it's appropriate to change. you feel random. and i like your view of variety. you're performing. just like me. i prefer other approaches strictly speaking, but i'm being made to listen to your brand of entirety. i might generate difference in you, with my subtle way. i am after all paying attention. not for your gratification though. i'm not trying to change you. i'm trying to change myself.

just now i had some contact from someone who regards me for their pleasure. i found it amusing. was it really you? their approach and reasoning made me wonder.

sue x


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