Monday, November 17, 2008

item #8931

Monday, I remained home, as you suggested. I didn't want another episode, was one reason; but, mostly, I wanted to hand you an easy victory, since your enemies were getting the better of you. (I know you don't think so.) As you said, though, little is ever truly eventful; so I suppose even that fell short. Clearly, you are never satisfied. I've handed you my friends. What more can I do? No, I'm not tired - before you ask. It was good to establish all those historical truths, followed by the potentially-believable stuff you spouted. You're so watchable. Of course, the detail eats into me. But I'm prepared for more scenes, and your secrets. I love such corruptions. Betrayal and trust are, in the end, the same thing. You have no standards and I have no real understanding. So there can be no internecine. It was interesting watching you live. I have read your accounts and I am high on your self-esteem.

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