Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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last night i said she was going to her nieces and she did so i was right all along even though everyone said i wasnt. i have the presents of mind as they say but that doesnt help the situation as far as i am concerned because no one listens and no one can. i tell them off so they get the message but they never really get the message so why bother as i often say to them. personally i would have alternatively liked to have a proper discussion about the whole idea of where to go and when and with who but its not something anyone of them wants of me to do. i don't know whether giving into them will stop me climbing the walls. 9 months ago i still had time but thats all wrong now as i didnot realise then what would happen now so i couldnot plan for it of course. not that i have ever really thorght that thru. but nevermind. work in abit. my boss hates me but i think thats the way it goes i tell him to much to often and he feels like i threatned him. i have to admit i cut him dead before we left yesterday so i suppose he might be thinking about that when i arrive back later on. hes a the man so what do i expect. i am sure the feeling is mutual. so i'll get him to talk about forgiveness at this time of year. i get past disgust, so i go for the least i can do so it means i can sleep without tossing it over in my head at night when i should be thinking about my self instead of him and what he thinks is important. on monday i want to spend time going over what we will do. i just can't get the fact that she told me lies out of my head.

Will 2009 be any different to 2008.


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