Monday, December 15, 2008

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Dear Graham SE (mid30s). Alright, then; I'll try to explain once again. But this is really none of your damn business. So this is the last time. OK? After this, I block you. Go bother someone else. (How'd you get my email anyway?)

I am inter-sexed but without confusion. I am informed by professionals that I am self-evident. But I've reached the point where everything I want to keep is changing and everything I want to change is becoming evermore fixed. I've started formulating my own views about my body because of this, and I am sick of expecting others to do that for me. My voice now changes most things. I am besides all that mature enough, and into my womanhood. Of course, I have replaced some things with others sufficient for a woman. I am still breathing, though. So no harm done.



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