Saturday, May 23, 2009

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This profile contains no bullshit and no posturing, and no amateur poetry either! (Don't you just hate those?)! My name is Compashn. I view the world around me from a 4 bed detached home in the sunny English west country, where I've been for thirty years, running a successful photo studio. I can prove I am happy, and I'm willing, if you like, to speak to you via phonecalls whenever you wish. I can supply my numbers, no problem. I can accommodate anytime, as well, and I'd rather do that than travel. I pride myself with my openness however. New ideas come from new experiences I feel. I have opened this account to see if meetings can be arranged. If you like me then say hello, then come to visit. I will pay your travel costs. Please do not contact me if you are lonely. Laters


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