Monday, May 25, 2009

item #6706

well i got fucked over yesterday. decided to stay tho. which meant i had no accommodation so i went home. earlier as always my boss contacted me extending another thousand things on his mind to do. one day i will kill him for sure. got home very late. really on the floor. not delicious all evening for me. different for him tho the cunt. boss texted saying he is on holiday (n y) for 8 days as of now. so i have to go in an hour early in the morning and each day and work weekend also. so all of this is saying that meet we arranged for sunday at 3 i cannot do for obvious reasons. i know this is letting you down. babysitter cancelled. really bad. not even sure i can make it up to you as things getting really heavy and i have uni work to do as well before i go to paris in two weeks. could you come there i wonder? i could help you out with flight and i have a place to stay. bit basic. but ok. just need spending money. i'll have the evenings free. well all but the last one. it's five days. pretty central. let me know either way. failing that it might be a couple of months. no pressure tho. not a hint or blackmail either. i know it sounds a bit like that. i will ring you as soon as i can. promise. darren


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