Monday, May 11, 2009

item #8429

I don’t make a habit of writing. That doesn’t matter much because nobody reads all these long words. Like you, I’m vacuous, a pretender, and I'm happy being both. Depth just makes you unhappy. I get my kicks by wasting opportunities. I'm neither keen to please nor seeking approval. So I'm kind of indestructible. When I find my feet here, I'll be able to picture precise actualities - at least in ways sufficient to justify the damage to my reputation I'm trying to affect. I use software which makes all this really easy. I have little involvement other than pushing a few buttons. If I were honest - which I'm not - I'd reprogramme these devices to similarise something ineradicably genuine, and covet those reports from fakes and scammers which I make detailed lists about as a separate but related activity. If I get totally pissed off, I'll leave this site. Mrs Emily Graves (Warwick, UK).