Saturday, May 30, 2009

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I consider myself to be an imaginative, eloquent, witty and well-educated, middle-aged lady. Most things come very naturally to me. I am incredible, with very few, if any, limits. I have a vast and ever-expanding experience of numerous things; too numerous to list, in fact - sorry. In life, I am hugely-confident; so much so that I always take the lead in everything I take part in. By profession, I am lead-engineer within a very successful and important corporation. The skills I have are both invaluable to it and intrinsic to its great and lasting success. The workings of my mind have been studied numerous times; and my thoughts have been cited in many books and other publications on all manner of subjects, within my field and generally. I am brained and highly-regarded. I particularly enjoy exploring knew, effective ways to furthr prsonify my *; and ideas are invited.

Also, this room I am in right now is fitted with numerous inserts. I am inflating at the sight of, say,
a notional partner, who is gorgeous and dissatisfied with who I am. I therefore regularise and make casual all the encounters we have in any given day. He makes a fade of me, and up furthrrr I gro.



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