Monday, May 25, 2009

item #6333

To Ornette (Mids, 44, seeking to relocate, UK only): Sadly, Sir, I am not able to field your kind offers. Your analytical constructions appear to bring the figurations I am interested in to bear upon those abstractions which I am seeking to excise; and your general arguments are at the same time persuasive and cogent. You are part-way there. The basis of my hesitation is linked only to those areas of indistinct logicality which you persist in including. The pictures I am imagining, and which I desire to physicalise, cannot happen unless other, in fact opposed, varieties of description are liberated and made proper use of. I explained all this previously; yet you repeat the same errors in your latest submission. Content simply cannot be comparative. I have no stake in such things; so you must not either. What I seek is entirety. What you offer is analogy. Michelle D.


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