Wednesday, May 27, 2009

item #0016

I am a not a kind person, I suppose. Nor am I one to influence others, or even to bother about others. I see their world as abject and unspecified. What is there to influence? Things have been lost in time - to dystopia. I think about possibilities, and about the selections those possibilities would have me make. Perhaps I might rule you with an iron fist, from some enclave. You mentioned that, and it reminded me of my earlier overtures. I wanted abduction, it is true. But only for myself. Just another prophylactic. I see a world obsessed by responsibilities. Honesty, too, is overrated, and I sometimes have to sit and scheme away the logic I am forced everyday to witness because of that. I cannot imagine others. I can only imagine the world without them. Such particularity should not be licensed in the way that it is. I grow ever impatient, I know. However, I do not take this as being an easygoing venture. I will not judge myself. I only see that I have potential. Julia


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