Saturday, August 08, 2009

item #4018

Until you realise I have left something out there's no point in my refining things further. It's enough to throw this crude parting-shot your way ... Your imprecisions dishearten me; just as your inattention turns my head away. I'm leaving you, and here's why ... Last night, on you bed, and after, in the taxi, I made honest pleas for some kind of timely change on your part. You promised me that. Remember? Most likely I came across as desperate. Whatever though you seemed not to take me seriously. The matter was dropped, and I left unfulfilled and bewildered; just as I knew you thought it was a wonderful evening. For you, I suppose it was. Why would you think anything else? We dined as you prefer. We chatted, idly - just as you like. We avoided my friends, meeting up with yours; all of whom seem to dislike me. I guess what I mean is I cannot understand you or why we are together. It's like you don't get me at all. So ... this message, left here, for you to see; just to take the sting out of my having to tell you cold that it's over. It's the modern way ... text message, fax, at one-remove. You won't alter my mind. Please don't try. I've changed my number; and since you never bothered to learn my address, well, all is severed between us. I have few regrets. Goodbye. Chissie