Friday, September 11, 2009

item #0089

Hi. I'm never sure of how to fill these things out. So please bear with me. I'm seeking love I suppose. Hope that doesn't frighten anyone off. I've a few ideas other than that which I can list, but I'm up for most things. OK, once I've agreed to something, you'll be kept in for development. If you retain your attitude you'll learn that that is something to be proud of. Politically you will never bring fulfillment too far to the foreground, and when you're in a natural place you'll be no closer than I am to understanding it or the things that relate to it. The closest you'll feel to me will be when you are unrestrained in your ideals and willing to entertain me upon the peripheries I prefer. All things are caged. All things are cages. I am severe, apart from others, baying out, as you bay out for me. A lifetime is an option I think. Message me if any of this interests you. Andrea Pilling


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