Saturday, September 19, 2009

item #1119

I have never thought about what is within myself until now. That seems strange I realise. Some of you may not believe me I suppose. But I've recovered from a long illness, and the drugs I was given to help me through that had unexpected side-effects. One thing was I became more self-aware, more self-conscious. It was like a fog had been lifted. Old simplicities fell away. My lifestyle has changed because of all this, and I am seeking different things. I was previously known on here for offering my views of certain issues. I lost interest in those a long time ago, but continued for the sake of others. Now however I am no longer willing to pretend, hoping that others will take my place, just as I intend to replace others in the places that interest me now.

I seek regular meetings and I desire the objects of abuse and power to make sense of these. Weapons will rise about me, as I acquire greater and greater means. My leisure is about obedience, and the traits of my presence will cause discomfort for others by the by. That's a fact. I am only going to deepen things. I am attached, and I care how she feels. Normality cannot happen in a week of course though. Sometimes she doesn't need to know about me in order to share my life. She will change. I'm into contracts. No situation is above that. Any messages here will be treated accordingly.



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