Monday, September 21, 2009

item #0026

My real name sounds medical, and the instances of my name elsewhere are similarly physical. To hint at this - or, if you like, to honour it, in language - I have designated certain times where valid insertions are invited and others where more open connections are appropriate. The outside world is stainless in comparison. Exposure is therefore inevitable, so much so that, these days, at 52, I am rounded at the edges, halved, a simulation. It gets less important that I take necessary precautions, but I am not careless, however. Systems change; and we change within them. Carelessness would be inefficient. I will negotiate none of this. Still, I realise my sensations are not without risk. I might just be right for you, though. Think about it before you reject my ideas and move on. This is not mass- production. I can only wait so long.