Friday, September 25, 2009

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Gerry (44), East Mids, willing to relocate asked me about a previous message I put on here, about experiences I had earlier in my life. I'm not sure what you want clarifying, but ... well, when in public the only thing bringing me back to position is the threat of things getting much worse. I tend to focus on that kind of endurance, and only afterwards do I feel a huge sense of relief that it’s over. I do enjoy the fact that I will soon be in private. I’m only glad that in doing so I openly find this reality romantic. And I cannot remember when I didn't feel the same. Here's an example ... the other day I said that I sounded hardly at all, even down the telephone. I shut my eyes, because I knew I couldn't be seen. That felt good. In my mind's eye I was moving through my pain. I appreciated the fact I could do it. Hope that's ok for you. Troy


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