Saturday, January 30, 2010

item #0211

'Ears towards or as regards exploration' ... perhaps or perhaps not. I might converse here, since your stultifying lack of sense suggests I must elaborate, but I am more inclined to ridicule you. Tedious recent messenger, I disagree with you on millions of important points. We share a common language but we are worlds apart. An example: there are measurements which can be made by, what you term, safe factions. Another: aggression is not at the expense of need per se and a priori. WTF?! That's hilarious! Contacting me, as you have chosen to do, begins nothing for you personally but a direct return to the misshape of your body. Look how, in contrast, I Adonis ... stretching, I impart ... 'no-one will be welcome who isn't utterly available'. I am currently in Scotland. *Grin* Tsar


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