Saturday, May 26, 2007

item #2995

Hi. In response to Abject, mid 30s, NE, experienced, seeking same... Please note one and all, the person in question is an inanimate object. I fail to see the problem. There is pulsing, radiation, playing cause to effects, etc., but no consciousness to speak of. Dear complainer, Mids, UK, you have incredibly low standards, ontologically. That is all unimportant, I feel; but I stress this for the common good. You send a photo in support of your argument... I find your features unattractive; which is more important to me. I am good, though; and I will keep you despite this. Similarly, weighty issues are comically unimportant to me. I consider this to be a general condition, and to be in need of general remedying. I have ideas about this. I have commissioned tools, papers, and have been recruiting personnel as further objects. Objects are designed to give me pleasure. Do not forget that. I set the guidelines. You are outside this decision-making corpus. The stripes you carry denote this. Refer to them for information and for comfort. You have too few useful qualities; though you fill a body-bag like all of your kind. You are welcome to try to decide for yourself. We call this entertainment. Further details are available on request. If and when I tear myself apart, you will be informed.

All vehicles are mine.


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