Tuesday, May 22, 2007

item #9288

Let's start by eliminating. Read between the holes, the genitalia shots, the body-serious. Religious fantatics without greetings ... I see you. I am sharp, architectural. I cast a shadow. In London, I am absurdist, multilingual, and educated, with a cosmopolitan background. I am about finish, veneer - surface, that is, by dimension rather than by attitude or identity. I use surety. I use magick. I have, however, been thinking about uses for frustration. So I want to find a way to contrast this thought, to throw it into relief. I want to create, high-stress, competitive, time-consuming work or recreational activities centred around overt personal desire, a kind of intellectual helplessness, something unbearabley oblivious. I want the sane to love me. (I terrify. But I move afterwards, crazy ones.) For example, I want absolute success or very little success, even failure. I am out of range. I live in an interesting town where I could settle. Who shares my interests in culture, music, travel, etc.? I am senseless to them, personally. (For instance, when he wants to fuck me, he knows enough about feminism to not say stupid things. I campaign constantly, as you can see. I seldom discriminate. Giddy contradictions....eh? LOL) These lists are flexible. I have mixed feelings about listing in future. I've got curly hair and glasses. I'm in good health. Yes, I have a pic; no, I wont give it to you. I'll only trade pics after you've caught my interest with your messages. If you've got this far and are still keen to write, I'd also appreciate if you write me about yourself as a person. I'm hoping to lie; foolish, I know. Probably is, so don't write anything you'd be embarassed to have read back to you. Tell me about the very least of you at least. One more thing: I'm an atheist, because of the middle east. (So christian.) Save me not, please. True freedom lies in attractive women. It's clear you've discovered that. You want a bit more so I can't shock you! I enjoy a variety of interests, including complete change. I'm not kind. I try to when I can, though. I'm currently writing. This is a marketplace. I've never married. I share my life with my spare time. I am conscious and can talk to you about anything. I don't sleep. I demand what I expect and require. Such a full repertoire, few skills, few ideals ... I only need one woman, but I do not mind if you are several men. (In a bedroom once I turned on for me.) I try to be gentle, even-tempered, loyal, honest, kind and romantic. I manipulate these efforts. My headgames communicate with you. I seek someone with a sunny personality, gentle, kind, and who likes slender, intelligent and confident naked clothed. I'm attractive, intelligent, fertile. Imagination is boring, I think, but I can be spontaneous and am easily able to fuck you down a side alleyway in Paris. I am however, safe, sane, balanced and intelligent and you would be loved and cherished and always know this. I have contacts if you'd like to do modelling work, or feature in an adult movie, so I don't think you'd be bored! I'm 5'4", small, slim 34.26.34. I'm your smoker, love to give oral. Equal adventures bring out the best in each other. I will turn your life around if you want a change from your routine or would like to ride some new frontiers with me.