Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Modest house. North. Night. Room lit by turned-down TV set. Some event, to which is said: '...You outrageous fiend!'. '...Ha! I admit it, always have been and always will be....'. She enters the room; the man eats faster. She fakes things; he eats things. Those are their roles - as given here-wise, thank you. Action adopts a crawling pace now; movement impared; his eyes on her body. His feet part her thighs slightly. Her hands are palm upwards on his thighs. Her back is straight; his head held high; her eyes on his belly. Fingers grip hair in greeting. Time tightens up. Breath on neck; gathering hair. Teeth graze. Bodies shudder. Within intensity, words are spoken. The ache used to be his alone. Now both ache.


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