Wednesday, May 23, 2007

item #0600

We are acting with high profile, as you can see. In public, we detect and direct a muted sunshine, whilst casting next-to-no-shadow. In private, though, we live our lives to suit ourselves. We tend to stride. For instance, we consider bisexuality to be an ideological system. Thought, however, is purely domestic to us. We do do normalcy; unless one of us is in a mood. We are messengers. If you are seriously looking for situations, and you are fed up with those out there who are not for real then consider our profile very carefully. That said, be prepared to consider locations as a starting point. We list these elsewhere. You must have brevity as an axiom. More than one or two words and we will cancel you. Content is numerical in our view. One picture looks like another to us; please send numbers; surprise us, please. In return, we can offer domestic and sexual extremes. We game on our terms. If you want to know more about us then a reply guarantees a response. Be polite, and, of course, be informative. Make yourself sound interesting and you will be certain to spark some feedback.


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