Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Into the trees... 5/21/2007 Mind = time. Sorry. 12/8/2006 This is not a rant, merely a suggestion. If capability is intrinsic, please categorise everyone. Wonderful people provide. I have utmost respect for confused intentions; but clarity is a virtue, too. '...Nature is an "arrangement"....'. (...? I still do not know what you mean.) I too get offended by being offered tributes when that is not what I seek at all. Anyway, just a thought. 11/20/2007 Another, more gullible, more driven by need, took advantage, and I am left poorer and more alone. I want a list of people to avoid. I promise much. You can take and then disappear, then I will happily provide. But say upfront, formally. Why can't people be honest, if they need help? Anyway.... 6/19/2006 Cult decisions...things implicit, circumspect, fugitive. These churn the heart. I was made lucky, but have no experience. Something special may happen. I beg for bread, it seems; but it is a dream I require. I wallow, in a non-place; I am replaced by experiences I have not had xx 6/6/2006 Patience. Thank you - to so many wonderful , caring people. So much wonder, xx Rocks, sirens, etc.


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