Tuesday, May 22, 2007

item #8642

Expect 'hi there' / Receive 'Have been experimenting; have loved. Every minute I think you've got it in you to break away! lol It's not gonna be easy tho...my mind is your big problem....well that depends what you are gonna do ;) But I think; which means you couldn't be more wrong. I am the no.1 bitch LOL I have tokenism in mind. So message away if you think you can inform this approach'. Her name is Sally, 41, Essex area. Sally adds: '...after pretending, trying, hiding i think i have maybe found someone who can truly Be. i am considerate (god i hate that phrase). i am working towards becoming. Before all you cynics start, i don't believe that this is something to be taken lightly, and i am willing to take the chance. Vocation is not a problem for me and nor is unravelling before taking that final plunge. Freedom only...'. Elsewhere, as Simone, Sally says: '...Looking attractive, I present myself. In place of substance, I dance upon request, to a space-aged corporate tune, composed by backsliding American synthesisers. I attract. Place is beside the point. I hot-desk. I attract. Depending upon my mood, I can ease into giving head. I attract. I will lick your purse strings. I love and I attract. If I so desire I move my petite body. Although I am petite and cute to a tee I can undergo undergoing undergoingly. Should we meet? Will we be willing to commit to fun and delights? I am maybe more. I am not insecure. I am confident and polite. However, I dont suffer fools and I am am very open-minded and speak my mind, especially to disrespect those who are insecure and dont have manners or who have a chip on their shoulder. If interested get writing xx